Innocuous Blog Post

Double rainbows.  In the mountains.  Silence, and the smell of rain.  A promise of sunshine, muted by the clouds.  Beauty.

Unconditional love.  Gravity defying safety and timelessness in another’s arms.  Spontaneous smiles born without reason.  Because there is you.

New life.  Puppies.  Springtime.  Dew.  Thankfulness for consciousness.

Sleep.  Restorative and weightless sleep, unbound by time.  Deep and impenetrable rest.

Space.  Quiet and infinite vastness of calm.  Without weight.  Nothing and everything all at once.  A wisdom and history of time.  Something bigger than ourselves.

Death.  A culmination, a completion.  A natural, linear end.  The feeling of relief, a relinquish of control, letting go.  A vast unknown.  A new experience.  Peace.

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